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2012 05 05 193221 Ice skating | Uniquely Singapore

Who says we can’t do ice skating in sunny Singapore ? We do not only have ONE , but 3 ice skating rinks . The latest  is at JCUBE Mall in Jurong East Central .

Ice skating | Jcube mall

The ice skating rink measures 60 m x 30 m and have a seating capacity of 460 . This olympic size ice skating rink was opened just last month , 3rd April 2012 . Surrounding the rink is a lot of eateries so you can enjoy looking at the skaters and eat at the same time . With the hot heat reaching 33 C for the last few days , it is a great feeling getting into Jcube with the cooler than normal temperatures . You will see the skaters wearing sweaters or colder garments , probably because they use real ice .

IMG 0112 e1336220037874 Ice skating | Uniquely Singapore

IMG 0117 e1336220141750 Ice skating | Uniquely Singapore

Ice skating | Other places in Singapore

Singapore’s first ice skating rink is at Kallang Leisure Park . The rink has a gallery style spectator seating . You can enrol in their ice skating courses for beginners [here] . Singapore’s second ice skating rink is at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands . This is a 600sqm rink but they don’t use real ice . With plastic ice , you don’t need to maintain a lower temperature unlike real ice   I guess , and therefore some savings in the electrical bills .

Ice skating | What’s next ?

Now that we have 3 ice skating rinks , i wonder when are they going to have skiing in Singapore ?




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