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Here is some interesting stuff that i come across …. in case fellow readers don’t know

MMMM! | Uniquely Singapore

What a name !!! This photo was taken a Changi City Point and i was puzzled by the name . Well its seems like MMMM stands for Meats , Marinates & Much More … They have 4 outlets in Singapore . Here is their website


IMG 0102 e1336547225470 Interesting Stuff | Uniquely Singapore

 Georges Mad Bar & cafe | Uniquely Singapore

I was strolling along East Coast Road and these 2 sign boards caught my attention . The first sign board has a “Drunken fella crossing” the road with a bottle in his hand

IMG 0104 e1336547756562 Interesting Stuff | Uniquely Singapore

The 2nd has “Free BEER” ….. not actually it seems .

IMG 0107R e1336548171734 Interesting Stuff | Uniquely Singapore

Noticed the RED Circle …. it says WIFI !!!

Large Fan | Uniquely Singapore

These must be the largest ceiling fans that i have come across . Pretty good . I like the breeze it generates . You will find them at Junction 8

IMG 0111 e1336548405296 Interesting Stuff | Uniquely Singapore

That’s all for now …




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