Uniquely Singapore | At the food court

2012 04 14 203934 e1334407246288 Uniquely Singapore | At the food court

This is really uniquely singapore , for it can only be found in singapore’s food court or our local hawker centers  . If this ever happen in other countries , there is a 98% probability it has to be , or i must say , must be ,  the work of a Singaporean !!!

Uniquely Singapore | Alone in a crowded food court

DSC00942 Uniquely Singapore | At the food courtSingaporeans simply love to eat . You will noticed that a lot of our food courts are packed with people during lunch time . Finding a seat to have your peaceful lunch can be a nightmare . You see , during lunch time peak hours in a food court , if you are alone you will have problem finding a seat to eat your meals unless you do what a typical Singaporean does  …. “chope-ing” or reserving seats at the food court !!

You certainly do not want to part with your wallet or handphone to “chope” seats , incase they go MIA (Missing In Action) , so we use whatever arsenals we have to “chope” the seats that we have been eye-ing for such a loooong time .What arsenals one might ask ?

Uniquely Singapore | Host of Arsenal

In uniquely singapore , we share with our readers  some of the common arsenal used to “chope” seats

IMG 0100 e1334407648237 Uniquely Singapore | At the food courtIMG 0101 e1334407768522 Uniquely Singapore | At the food court












most common items used to “chope” seats are a packet of tissues , umbrellas , company’s badges and name cards .

20111202.175227 sg1 e1334407890285 Uniquely Singapore | At the food courtreserve seats e1334408266305 Uniquely Singapore | At the food courtLittle Girls SHOES ON A TABLE e1334408359848 Uniquely Singapore | At the food court







sometimes we encounter extremely “strange objects” such as a bible or even a shoe . What will they think of next ?

Uniquely Singapore | what are the actions needed ?

If you are alone , then do grab your food first and then look for a seat . Its unfortunate but i guess that the best gentlemanly act that one could possibly do , else don’t compete during lunch peak hours .

If you have a friend , then by all means have someone to “reserve” by occupying the seat . But however , no matter what , please do not bring this strange and uniquely singapore  culture and duplicate it in some other countries ….

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