COE Singapore | COE exceed SGD$80k

At the close of the COE Singapore bidding system yesterday (Wednesday , March 21st 2012) , the COE for Cat B and Open category exceeded SGD$80k . This is the level not seen since 1994 .


COE Singapore | Cat B and Open Category

The COE for bigger cars with more  than 1.6 litre engine crossed the SGD$80k mark at the close of tender yesterday . Cat B closed at SGD$82003.00 while the open Cat E category closed at SGD$80101.00 . Here is the latest COE results for all the various categories .

COE Singapore1 e1332389071635 COE Singapore | COE exceed SGD$80k

According to industry sources , the jumped in COE prices in Cat B is possibly due to the backlog of new orders for the luxury brand of vehicles such as the new BMX 3 series and the Lexus GS .

COE Singapore | Cat A prices remain firm

For Cat A category , the COE prices were firmed as some sources cited taxi companies as having as much as 30% of the Cat A bids while others point to the more luxurious European brands such as Mercedes Benz  C180 and  BMW 1 series , both having the 1600cc engine and also ,  being a lot more affordable than the Cat B category .

COE Singapore | Reduction in COE quota

Market watchers believe that if the stock market remains buoyant with good economic results , COE prices would remain firm with the expectation of a reduction in COE Singapore quota in Aug 2012 to Jan 2013





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