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Johor Premium Outlets | Uniquely Singapore

2012 06 06 153323 Johor Premium Outlets | Uniquely Singapore

The Johor Premium Outlets (JPO) opened on Dec 2nd 2011 . This is a joint venture between Genting berhad and Simon Property Group . That’s why you see Resort World advertisement at the Johor Premium Outlets too . This shopping centre boast as the First Premium Outlet Center in South East Asia with more than 80 branded stores offering daily discounts of up to 80%  . With such a publicity and reviews on the internet , i decided to  drop by to take a look myself …. some 6 months after the official opening

Johor Premium Outlets | My road trip to  JPO

The first mistake i made was checking with the locals who told us that there are many sign boards guiding us to the  Johor Premium Outlets on the (North-South) highway . Well , how untrue . If you are traveling on the expressway towards the direction of KL , do exit at Exit 304 , and then exit 302A  . Do not use the old scudai road because i simply cannot find any JPO signboards when i exited the highway accidentally  . So , use the highway .

Johor Premium Outlets | Car park and eateries

It cost me RM3.00 (when i left) which looks like per entry type charges since the person before me was also was paying RM3.00 . Went over to a place which has many different stalls to look for lunch  , very much like a hawker centre or a food court .  Quite a few varieties but prices are relatively expensive per local Johorian standard . I settled for Ginseng chicken from “xxxx Kung Fu” shop costing RM13.90 . Feels like Singapore food court prices for Ginseng Chicken (SGD$5.00)  but …. it has only 2 tiny pieces of chicken meat in the soup and that’s it !! For RM13.90 with 2 tiny pieces of meat , its EXPENSIVE  even for a Singaporean !!

They also have  Starbuck but I didn’t check them out , so no comment

Johor Premium Outlets | Branded Goods Store

Johor Premium Outlets claimed to have more than 80 branded goods store . I didn’t count lah ,  so give them some benefit of doubt there . They have A/X , CK , DKNY , Ralph Lauren POLO , Coach , Levi’s , Cotton On ,   Fox , Michael Kors , Pedro , Lacoste , Padini , Guess , Shanghai Tang , Tumi , Samsonite , Clarks , Geox , City-chain , an a local Jewelry retailer , etc ..

Pickup an ordinary T-shirt at Armani store . Its showed RM1999.00 with 50% discount . That’s close to RM1000.oo (or SGD$400.00) after discount . Well , the t-shirt is so ordinary which is yellow in color , normal cotton fabric and no different from a normal  t-shirt that you can get for SGD$20.00 .

Next , i dropped by CK and they showed me the items on sale at 50% . I recognize some pieces that i bought at CK over at Isetan Scotts a few years ago . After the 50% discount , the t-shirt is retailing at RM250.00 (SGD$100.00) . I bought mine at SGD$50.00 each a few years ago . After a hefty 50% discount and its still 2x more expensive than in Singapore !!

Most of the “branded” stores are not “classy” . In fact they are very simply done without that elegant and “expensive” look or taste . There are very limited items to choose from and mostly are outdated (according to my other half)  . For me , i really don’t mine if the t-shirt is not their latest  as long as they are comfortable to wear , nice to feel , good fabric and pleasant looking . I don’t mind if I have to pay for good material or workmanship but it must offer that value .

Johor Premium Outlets | Factory outlets

There are some factory outlets over at Johor Premium Outlets . Pop by  these outlets  but i must say they aren’t the type of quality that we expect . If you want to buy some items from the factory outlet at Johor Premium Outlets , do check the stitches and  joining areas of fabric  because they seem like “minor” rejects to me . Some of the clothes seem to have uneven width of stitches (left and right shoulder sleeves) done on them , which  i consider as   “minor” defects .

Johor Premium Outlets | My personal assessment

Personally , i am trying to understand their business over at Johor Premium Outlets . I was trying to understand the following

  • who are their targeted customers ? Fellow Singaporeans ?
  • what are their value proposition to their targeted customers ? It cannot be price or varieties ? Service ? I don’t think so
  • do they know who are their competitors ?

Today’s shoppers are very different , especially Singaporeans . Singaporeans shops around the world , HongKong , Thailand , China , United States , etc . Coupled with the Internet , they can always  check the items out physically at the branded store at Orchard Road and purchase the same item on the internet  . With a single touch on the smartphone , we can access the internet to find out the prices before making any purchase .

So for these retailers , what value can they bring to the consumer ? Value needs to be genuine and not through some high markup and then , mark down prices .  6 months after the opening , the car parks are empty . I can understand why . Products are not only limited with few varieties , they are outdated and yet expensive  . This is my first trip to Johor Premium Outlets and i don’t see any reason why anyone would want to shop there .  I certainly would not recommend it to my friends if it stays on like this .

Err , what is your value proposition again ??


Anyhow paste kena caught | Uniquely Singapore

Today , June 5th 2012 , the newspaper reported that the person who pasted the mysterious stickers and painted the road and buildings was caught .  [See full report here] . Hopefully the authorities will give her a warning and nothing too serious , for the authorities will have to deter others from doing similar stunts in future . So hopefully , a stern  warning will do as  the intentions does not appear to cause any severe harm .

I try to find some images and i found some at Andrew’s loh website ,  and [here is the link] .

Here are some of the pictures from his site for easy reference .

2012 06 05 073720 Anyhow paste kena caught | Uniquely Singapore

2012 06 05 073937 Anyhow paste kena caught | Uniquely Singapore

We are still very much a society where things are assumed cannot do unless being told otherwise …

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