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Singapore Garden Festival

The Singapore Garden Festival is held once every 2 years . This is the 4th time that Singapore is holding the festival with the first being in the year 2006 .

Information 01 e1341909440762 Singapore Garden Festival

Information 02 e1341909507685 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03052 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03057 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03068 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03084 Singapore Garden Festival

Singapore Garden Festival | A Global Showcase

Singapore Garden Festival Singapore Garden FestivalThe Singapore Garden Festival has attracted many award winning garden and floral designers from all over the world under ONE roof  . This year , there are 40 international garden and floral designers from 20 countries . To allow more visitors to the Singapore Garden festival , the festival has been extended  by 1 more day to nine instead of the standard 8 , covering 2 weekends  . There are 3 new additions to this year’s festival , the Balcony Gardens , The Table series and Land art display

IMG 0796 e1341920163636 Singapore Garden FestivalIMG 0798 e1341920207802 Singapore Garden Festival

IMG 0799 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03322 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03324 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03328 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03330 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03801 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03805 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03808 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03333 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03455 Singapore Garden Festival

Singapore Garden Festival | Fantasy Gardens

DSC03344 Singapore Garden FestivalNorthern Light 

Designer : Alex Bartlett & Robert Boltman (Canada)

Concept :The Canada’s northern territories are fast changing due to the effects of climate change . The Inuit people of Canada  rely on their ancient knowledge and wisdom passed from their forefathers . The Garden pays homage to the traditional skills and artistry of the Inuit culture . The Igloo was made of locally available resources and material to create warm , wind proof shelter for the nomadic people . The creation is to demonstrate how traditional methods and ways can still be relevant in our modern world today

Northern Light won the Silver Award in this year Singapore Garden Festival



DSC03340 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03345 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03349 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03457 e1342094228993 Singapore Garden Festival Garden of Tales

Designer : Damian Tang (Singapore)

Concept : Inspired by children’s love for fairy tales , this garden strives to create an experience that leaves us in anticipation of the next magical moment . There are so many stories to tell and so many things to see in this wonderful garden that is artistically done with alot of special moments to remember .

The “Garden of Tales” won 2 GOLD awards in this  Festival .There are so much to see in this garden that is filled with childhood fairy tales . You get to see Red Riding Hood , Thumbelina , The 7 dwarfs , Pinnochio ,  Alice in Wonderland and many other bedtime stories . Children would love them . With so much level of details and effort put in , no wonder it won the GOLD awards in this year Singapore Garden Festival . Good job to the Damian tang and his team !!

DSC03460 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03461 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03463 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03541 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03466 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03468 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03469 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03471 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03478 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03488 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03472 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03491 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03494 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03500 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03502 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03503 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03493 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC035051 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03516 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03519 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03522 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03520 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03524 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03526 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03525 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03538 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03534 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03552 Singapore Garden FestivalLuminiscent Perspective

Designer : John Cullen (U.S.A) .

DSC03545 e1342096241167 Singapore Garden Festival

Luminiscent Perspective won a GOLD in Singapore Garden Festival

Garden of Hearts

Designer : Wang XiangRong (China)

DSC03553 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03554 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03556 Singapore Garden FestivalRuaumoko

DSC03557 e1342096971412 Singapore Garden Festival

Designer : Danny Kamo & Andy Ellis (New Zealand)

DSC03558 e1342097076680 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03559 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03562 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03566 e1342097435579 Singapore Garden Festival

 Upturned Splendour

Designer : Eliam Eng (Singapore) .

“Upturned Splendour” illuminates the power we have to see and create beauty in the unlikeliest situations ; the same power , to live in harmony with Nature , that we should master , not abuse





DSC03569 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03573 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03588 e1342098161914 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03591 e1342098206449 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03593 e1342098249971 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03597 e1342098297554 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03629 Singapore Garden Festival

Elementary Garden

DSC03778 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03676 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03779 e1342108428843 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03782 e1342108472805 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03788 e1342108532415 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03680 e1342108691548 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03675 Singapore Garden Festival

Mazu’s Garden

DSC03444 e1342091581298 Singapore Garden FestivalDesigner : Andrew Seccull (Australia)

DSC03447 e1342091686168 Singapore Garden Festival

Singapore Garden Festival | Landscape Gardens

DSC03353 Singapore Garden FestivalOpen to Nature – Beyond Tradition

Designer : John Tan Chee Hian (Singapore)

The Open to Nature  won the SILVER Medal Award  in the Singapore Garden Festival 2012


DSC03351 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03354 e1342079986416 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03356 e1342080034651 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03370 e1342080094232 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03371 e1342080137174 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03374 e1342080369827 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03386 Singapore Garden Festival The Path of Life

Designer : Paul Martin (Ireland)

Concept :Contemporary in style , the garden aims to show that as we journey through life , there are many wonderful sights along the way . We exist in nature , and with nature , and if we look after her , our journey will be a memorable and beautiful one

Path of Life won the GOLD Medal for this year Singapore Garden Festival 2012

DSC03385 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03389 e1342081546818 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03392 e1342081594903 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03397 Singapore Garden FestivalContinental Drift

Designer : Sarah Eberle (United Kingdom)

Continental Drift won the Gold Medal this year . This Garden aim to be an exciting visual exhibit which address the issue og habitat and environmental concerns








DSC03400 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03402 e1342084371718 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03406 e1342084418842 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03411 e1342084985622 Singapore Garden FestivalFu-Chi-Tei

Designer : Koji Ninomiya (Japan)

Fu-Chi-Tei is a Silver Medalist in The Singapore Garden Festival 2012 . This  garden is base on Japanese Philosophy which incorporates Buddhism , Shintoism , Yin-Yang principles , Taoism and the Japanese concept of nature . Fi-Chi-Tei invites allto embark on a journey to the pure land where you can seek inner peace




DSC03413 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03417 e1342085320895 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03419 e1342085360224 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03420 e1342085915847 Singapore Garden FestivalWhat you see is what you think

Designer : Fumiko Sano (Singapore)

Concept : A Silver Medalist , this garden aims to encourage public participation in the discover of Singapore cultural landscape

DSC03421 e1342086129262 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03423 e1342086188666 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03431 e1342086239985 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03434 e1342086282693 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03435 e1342086347910 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03437 e1342086390282 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03450 Singapore Garden FestivalUpper Hand

Designer : Andy Sturgeon (United Kingdom)

Concept :

This garden acknowledges that man can make an intervention in nature but cannot conquer it . Ultimately nature gets the Upper Hand . There has to be an equilibrium and balance between man and his environment.

The garden is inspired by the Barcelona pavilion of Mies Van der Rohe .

Upper Hand won 2 GOLD medals in the Singapore Garden Festival 2012




DSC03452 Singapore Garden Festival

Singapore Garden Festival | Floral Windows to the world

Floral Kaleidoscope

Designer : Harijanto Setiawan (Floral Designers Society Singapore)

The “Floral Kaleidoscope” won the GOLD in the Floral Windows to the World category in Singapore Garden Festival 2012 . Make use of lightings to good effects

DSC03623 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03624 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03625 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03626 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03607 e1342099640391 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03608 e1342099681724 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03612 e1342099722109 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03614 e1342099763620 Singapore Garden Festival

Emblem of Resilience

Designer : Irene Hee (Floriculture Association of Singapore)

DSC03631 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03632 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03636 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03638 Singapore Garden Festival

Beyond White

Designer : Zita Elze (Brazil)

DSC03639 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03641 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03643 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03647 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03648 Singapore Garden FestivalDarkness in flames

Designer : Brigitte Heinrichs (Germany)

DSC03654 e1342101889362 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03655 e1342101968601 Singapore Garden Festival


Realising Beauty

Designer : Mark Pampling (Australia)

DSC03659 e1342102470859 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03663 e1342102512909 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03660 e1342102651501 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03661 e1342102689837 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03664 e1342102731360 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03667 Singapore Garden Festival

Fountain of Life

Designer : Anson Low (Singapore)

DSC03672 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03674 Singapore Garden Festival

Circle of Dreams

DSC03719 e1342104923884 Singapore Garden FestivalDesigner : Garrik Goh

DSC03720 e1342104995683 Singapore Garden Festival

Web of Life

DSC03722 e1342105121631 Singapore Garden Festival

Designer : Solomon leong (Hong Kong)
DSC03723 e1342105191451 Singapore Garden Festival

The Transformation

DSC03724 e1342105401888 Singapore Garden FestivalDesigner : Ong Cheng Lang (Siungapore)

DSC03728 e1342105482412 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03726 Singapore Garden Festival

Global Warming

DSC03732 e1342105691897 Singapore Garden Festival

Designer : Pirjo Koppi (Finland)

DSC03734 e1342105764101 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03733 Singapore Garden Festival

I Can Fly

Designer : Alex Choi (Korea)

DSC03744 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03735 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03737 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03739 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03741 Singapore Garden Festival

Botanical Mysticism

Designer : Max van de Sluis (The Netherlands)

DSC03745 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03748 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03750 Singapore Garden Festival

The Incredible Lightness of Being

Designer : Per Benjamin (Sweden)

DSC03756 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03753 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03757 e1342106930343 Singapore Garden FestivalDesigner : Thomas De Bruyne (Belgium)

DSC03760 e1342106993198 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03759 Singapore Garden Festival

  Singapore Garden Festival | Balcony Gardens

This is meant for apartment dwellers where there are many ideas and tips to showcase the balcony gardens . Many design themes are available along with the types of plants that are easy to maintain and to take care of  in this Garden Festival .

DSC03791 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03792 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03793 Singapore Garden Festival

IMG 0746 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03789 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03790 Singapore Garden Festival

IMG 0754 Singapore Garden FestivalIMG 0755 Singapore Garden Festival

IMG 0756 Singapore Garden FestivalIMG 0758 Singapore Garden Festival

IMG 0760 Singapore Garden FestivalIMG 0762 Singapore Garden Festival

IMG 0771 Singapore Garden Festival

IMG 0777 Singapore Garden FestivalIMG 0776 Singapore Garden Festival

IMG 0780 Singapore Garden FestivalIMG 0778 Singapore Garden FestivalIMG 0779 Singapore Garden Festival

IMG 0596 Singapore Garden FestivalSingapore Garden Festival | Table Series

This focus on table arrangement where visitors get to know what types of plants and accessories are required to make a make a well decorated table for whatever occasions .

IMG 0595 Singapore Garden Festival

IMG 05931 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03574 e1342098614479 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03579 e1342098674798 Singapore Garden Festival



DSC037631 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC037661 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03764 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03765 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03770 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03773 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03772 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03775 Singapore Garden Festival

Singapore Garden Festival | Flower arrangement

DSC03887 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03888 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03889 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03891 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03893 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03895 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03897 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03899 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03901 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03903 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03906 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03908 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC039131 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC039151 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC039171 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03920 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03926 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03921 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03929 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03930 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03932 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03934 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03935 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03942 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03944 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03945 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03946 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03947 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03948 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03949 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03950 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03954 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03956 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03957 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03958 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03961 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03962 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03964 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03968 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03970 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03971 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03974 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03975 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03977 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03979 Singapore Garden Festival













  Singapore Garden Festival | Land Art

In this series , one gets to see how to make use of natural itemsSingapore Garden Festival | Land Art such as twigs , dried leaves , rocks to create a unique art form . The whole idea is to make use of organic and natural items easily found and available to create art .

DSC04017 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC04019 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04020 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC04021 Singapore Garden Festival

Singapore Garden Festival | Bonsai

DSC03981 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC03988 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC03986 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04007 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04014 Singapore Garden Festival

Singapore Garden Festival | Orchids and plants

Our national flower is Miss Vanda Joachim and naturally we showcase orchids . One get to see orchids from  all over the world which doe s not exist in Singapore due to its hot and humid environment . Orchids from other temperate countries with unusual colours and petal shapes are simply amazing .

DSC04103 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC04108 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04110 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04113 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04124 Singapore Garden Festival
DSC04128 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04131 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04132 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC04133 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04135 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC04142 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04136 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04145 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04150 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04151 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04153 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04158 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04156 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC04172 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04173 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC04175 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04180 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC04183 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04184 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04186 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC04192 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04193 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04204 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC04224 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04213 Singapore Garden FestivalDSC04187 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04208 Singapore Garden Festival

DSC04210 Singapore Garden Festival


NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

NDP 2012 Singapore | 7th July rehearsal

The theme for National Day Parade (NDP) 2012 is “Loving Singapore, Our Home” .

We have tickets for the  NDP 2012 full dress rehearsal on 7th July . We collected our “funpack” , which comes in 4 different designs , and  off  we go to the floating platform  . For more information about this year NDP 2012 , you can checkout the following websites


What’s in the funpack ?

  • 2 bottles of mineral water , 2 packets of soft drinks
  • Sunshine bread , Khong Guan biscuits , cassava chips
  • Head wear , Poncho ,  wet towel , Tissues , men’s cleanser (from Garnier) and rubbish bag
  • National Flag , Clicker , Balloon Clapper (From Akira) , hand light,  hand fan , ruler
  • Discount booklet , Book on stories of Singapore , Our songs and stickers

For more information about the funpack , check them [here]

IMG 0152 NDP 2012 Singapore RehearsalIMG 0155 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

IMG 0165 NDP 2012 Singapore RehearsalIMG 0166 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal


NDP 2012 Singapore | Big Balloon

Guess who dropped by in the big Balloon on NDP 2012  ?

DSC02659 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02660 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02668 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02672 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02674 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

 NDP 2012 Singapore | The giant screen and kites

This year on NDP 2012 , we have the giant screen in the shape of the Singapore island . Its not so obvious with the bright lights  but would be great after sun set .

DSC02686 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02695 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

IMG 0194 NDP 2012 Singapore RehearsalIMG 0202 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

IMG 0197 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

IMG 0201 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

NDP 2012 Singapore | Integrated Precision Drill

Due to bad weather (slight rain) , we did not get a chance to see the Red Lions Free Fall display . But however , we do have the Integrated Precision Drill and the Motorcycle Performance

DSC02708 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02710 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02717 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02718 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

NDP 2012 Singapore | The Rehearsal

DSC02723 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02725 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02728 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC027281 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02732 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02734 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02736 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02745 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02747 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02750 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02754 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02763 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02766 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02768 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02772 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02774 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02786 e1341744686349 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02789 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02791 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02811 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02823 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02826 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02828 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02831 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02832 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02845 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02853 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02859 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02860 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02863 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02865 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02873 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02874 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02875 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02878 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02880 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02897 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02899 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02900 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02901 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02902 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02904 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02909 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02913 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02915 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02916 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02922 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02925 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02928 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02931 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02932 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02934 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02937 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02948 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02949 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02950 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02952 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02953 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02957 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02958 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02962 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02963 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

 NDP 2012 Singapore | The Fireworks

Despite the early rain , the NDP 2012 Singapore always end with the GREAT fireworks !!

DSC02970 NDP 2012 Singapore RehearsalDSC02971 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02972 NDP 2012 Singapore RehearsalDSC02973 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02983 NDP 2012 Singapore RehearsalDSC02984 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02992 NDP 2012 Singapore RehearsalDSC02993 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02994 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02995 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02997 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC02998 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03001 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03003 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03005 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03006 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03007 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03009 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03010 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03011 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03012 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03016 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03017 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03018 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03019 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03022 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03023 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03025 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03026 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03028 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03029 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03032 NDP 2012 Singapore RehearsalDSC03033 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03038 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03039 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03041 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03048 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal

DSC03045 NDP 2012 Singapore RehearsalDSC03050 NDP 2012 Singapore Rehearsal





















Johor Premium Outlets | Uniquely Singapore

2012 06 06 153323 Johor Premium Outlets | Uniquely Singapore

The Johor Premium Outlets (JPO) opened on Dec 2nd 2011 . This is a joint venture between Genting berhad and Simon Property Group . That’s why you see Resort World advertisement at the Johor Premium Outlets too . This shopping centre boast as the First Premium Outlet Center in South East Asia with more than 80 branded stores offering daily discounts of up to 80%  . With such a publicity and reviews on the internet , i decided to  drop by to take a look myself …. some 6 months after the official opening

Johor Premium Outlets | My road trip to  JPO

The first mistake i made was checking with the locals who told us that there are many sign boards guiding us to the  Johor Premium Outlets on the (North-South) highway . Well , how untrue . If you are traveling on the expressway towards the direction of KL , do exit at Exit 304 , and then exit 302A  . Do not use the old scudai road because i simply cannot find any JPO signboards when i exited the highway accidentally  . So , use the highway .

Johor Premium Outlets | Car park and eateries

It cost me RM3.00 (when i left) which looks like per entry type charges since the person before me was also was paying RM3.00 . Went over to a place which has many different stalls to look for lunch  , very much like a hawker centre or a food court .  Quite a few varieties but prices are relatively expensive per local Johorian standard . I settled for Ginseng chicken from “xxxx Kung Fu” shop costing RM13.90 . Feels like Singapore food court prices for Ginseng Chicken (SGD$5.00)  but …. it has only 2 tiny pieces of chicken meat in the soup and that’s it !! For RM13.90 with 2 tiny pieces of meat , its EXPENSIVE  even for a Singaporean !!

They also have  Starbuck but I didn’t check them out , so no comment

Johor Premium Outlets | Branded Goods Store

Johor Premium Outlets claimed to have more than 80 branded goods store . I didn’t count lah ,  so give them some benefit of doubt there . They have A/X , CK , DKNY , Ralph Lauren POLO , Coach , Levi’s , Cotton On ,   Fox , Michael Kors , Pedro , Lacoste , Padini , Guess , Shanghai Tang , Tumi , Samsonite , Clarks , Geox , City-chain , an a local Jewelry retailer , etc ..

Pickup an ordinary T-shirt at Armani store . Its showed RM1999.00 with 50% discount . That’s close to RM1000.oo (or SGD$400.00) after discount . Well , the t-shirt is so ordinary which is yellow in color , normal cotton fabric and no different from a normal  t-shirt that you can get for SGD$20.00 .

Next , i dropped by CK and they showed me the items on sale at 50% . I recognize some pieces that i bought at CK over at Isetan Scotts a few years ago . After the 50% discount , the t-shirt is retailing at RM250.00 (SGD$100.00) . I bought mine at SGD$50.00 each a few years ago . After a hefty 50% discount and its still 2x more expensive than in Singapore !!

Most of the “branded” stores are not “classy” . In fact they are very simply done without that elegant and “expensive” look or taste . There are very limited items to choose from and mostly are outdated (according to my other half)  . For me , i really don’t mine if the t-shirt is not their latest  as long as they are comfortable to wear , nice to feel , good fabric and pleasant looking . I don’t mind if I have to pay for good material or workmanship but it must offer that value .

Johor Premium Outlets | Factory outlets

There are some factory outlets over at Johor Premium Outlets . Pop by  these outlets  but i must say they aren’t the type of quality that we expect . If you want to buy some items from the factory outlet at Johor Premium Outlets , do check the stitches and  joining areas of fabric  because they seem like “minor” rejects to me . Some of the clothes seem to have uneven width of stitches (left and right shoulder sleeves) done on them , which  i consider as   “minor” defects .

Johor Premium Outlets | My personal assessment

Personally , i am trying to understand their business over at Johor Premium Outlets . I was trying to understand the following

  • who are their targeted customers ? Fellow Singaporeans ?
  • what are their value proposition to their targeted customers ? It cannot be price or varieties ? Service ? I don’t think so
  • do they know who are their competitors ?

Today’s shoppers are very different , especially Singaporeans . Singaporeans shops around the world , HongKong , Thailand , China , United States , etc . Coupled with the Internet , they can always  check the items out physically at the branded store at Orchard Road and purchase the same item on the internet  . With a single touch on the smartphone , we can access the internet to find out the prices before making any purchase .

So for these retailers , what value can they bring to the consumer ? Value needs to be genuine and not through some high markup and then , mark down prices .  6 months after the opening , the car parks are empty . I can understand why . Products are not only limited with few varieties , they are outdated and yet expensive  . This is my first trip to Johor Premium Outlets and i don’t see any reason why anyone would want to shop there .  I certainly would not recommend it to my friends if it stays on like this .

Err , what is your value proposition again ??


Anyhow paste kena caught | Uniquely Singapore

Today , June 5th 2012 , the newspaper reported that the person who pasted the mysterious stickers and painted the road and buildings was caught .  [See full report here] . Hopefully the authorities will give her a warning and nothing too serious , for the authorities will have to deter others from doing similar stunts in future . So hopefully , a stern  warning will do as  the intentions does not appear to cause any severe harm .

I try to find some images and i found some at Andrew’s loh website ,  and [here is the link] .

Here are some of the pictures from his site for easy reference .

2012 06 05 073720 Anyhow paste kena caught | Uniquely Singapore

2012 06 05 073937 Anyhow paste kena caught | Uniquely Singapore

We are still very much a society where things are assumed cannot do unless being told otherwise …

Great Singapore Sale | Uniquely Singapore

The  GREAT  SINGAPORE  SALE  started last week .

Today I overheard a very interesting conversation between a woman shopper and a saleslady .

I didn’t occur to me that a T-shirt size M means “MEN” and L means “LADIES” !! LOL

GSS Great Singapore Sale | Uniquely Singapore

Interesting Stuff | Uniquely Singapore

Here is some interesting stuff that i come across …. in case fellow readers don’t know

MMMM! | Uniquely Singapore

What a name !!! This photo was taken a Changi City Point and i was puzzled by the name . Well its seems like MMMM stands for Meats , Marinates & Much More … They have 4 outlets in Singapore . Here is their website


IMG 0102 e1336547225470 Interesting Stuff | Uniquely Singapore

 Georges Mad Bar & cafe | Uniquely Singapore

I was strolling along East Coast Road and these 2 sign boards caught my attention . The first sign board has a “Drunken fella crossing” the road with a bottle in his hand

IMG 0104 e1336547756562 Interesting Stuff | Uniquely Singapore

The 2nd has “Free BEER” ….. not actually it seems .

IMG 0107R e1336548171734 Interesting Stuff | Uniquely Singapore

Noticed the RED Circle …. it says WIFI !!!

Large Fan | Uniquely Singapore

These must be the largest ceiling fans that i have come across . Pretty good . I like the breeze it generates . You will find them at Junction 8

IMG 0111 e1336548405296 Interesting Stuff | Uniquely Singapore

That’s all for now …




Engineers sleeping styles in Singapore | Uniquely Singapore

2012 05 05 204409 e1336222172515 Engineers sleeping styles in Singapore | Uniquely Singapore2012 05 05 204456 e1336222212514 Engineers sleeping styles in Singapore | Uniquely Singapore

suddenly things start to change as we grow up …. becoming ENGINEERS

2012 05 05 204516 e1336222359499 Engineers sleeping styles in Singapore | Uniquely Singapore2012 05 05 204532 e1336222406605 Engineers sleeping styles in Singapore | Uniquely Singapore

What sleeping styles does other profession have ?

2012 05 05 204550 e1336222548793 Engineers sleeping styles in Singapore | Uniquely Singapore2012 05 05 204609 e1336222595324 Engineers sleeping styles in Singapore | Uniquely Singapore2012 05 05 204625 e1336222670612 Engineers sleeping styles in Singapore | Uniquely Singapore

Now back to our ENGINEERS

2012 05 05 204645 e1336222734350 Engineers sleeping styles in Singapore | Uniquely Singapore

In the END , we end up the same just like every other profession ….

2012 05 05 204704 e1336222811531 Engineers sleeping styles in Singapore | Uniquely Singapore


Ice skating | Uniquely Singapore

2012 05 05 193221 Ice skating | Uniquely Singapore

Who says we can’t do ice skating in sunny Singapore ? We do not only have ONE , but 3 ice skating rinks . The latest  is at JCUBE Mall in Jurong East Central .

Ice skating | Jcube mall

The ice skating rink measures 60 m x 30 m and have a seating capacity of 460 . This olympic size ice skating rink was opened just last month , 3rd April 2012 . Surrounding the rink is a lot of eateries so you can enjoy looking at the skaters and eat at the same time . With the hot heat reaching 33 C for the last few days , it is a great feeling getting into Jcube with the cooler than normal temperatures . You will see the skaters wearing sweaters or colder garments , probably because they use real ice .

IMG 0112 e1336220037874 Ice skating | Uniquely Singapore

IMG 0117 e1336220141750 Ice skating | Uniquely Singapore

Ice skating | Other places in Singapore

Singapore’s first ice skating rink is at Kallang Leisure Park . The rink has a gallery style spectator seating . You can enrol in their ice skating courses for beginners [here] . Singapore’s second ice skating rink is at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands . This is a 600sqm rink but they don’t use real ice . With plastic ice , you don’t need to maintain a lower temperature unlike real ice   I guess , and therefore some savings in the electrical bills .

Ice skating | What’s next ?

Now that we have 3 ice skating rinks , i wonder when are they going to have skiing in Singapore ?




Uniquely Singapore | At the food court

2012 04 14 203934 e1334407246288 Uniquely Singapore | At the food court

This is really uniquely singapore , for it can only be found in singapore’s food court or our local hawker centers  . If this ever happen in other countries , there is a 98% probability it has to be , or i must say , must be ,  the work of a Singaporean !!!

Uniquely Singapore | Alone in a crowded food court

DSC00942 Uniquely Singapore | At the food courtSingaporeans simply love to eat . You will noticed that a lot of our food courts are packed with people during lunch time . Finding a seat to have your peaceful lunch can be a nightmare . You see , during lunch time peak hours in a food court , if you are alone you will have problem finding a seat to eat your meals unless you do what a typical Singaporean does  …. “chope-ing” or reserving seats at the food court !!

You certainly do not want to part with your wallet or handphone to “chope” seats , incase they go MIA (Missing In Action) , so we use whatever arsenals we have to “chope” the seats that we have been eye-ing for such a loooong time .What arsenals one might ask ?

Uniquely Singapore | Host of Arsenal

In uniquely singapore , we share with our readers  some of the common arsenal used to “chope” seats

IMG 0100 e1334407648237 Uniquely Singapore | At the food courtIMG 0101 e1334407768522 Uniquely Singapore | At the food court












most common items used to “chope” seats are a packet of tissues , umbrellas , company’s badges and name cards .

20111202.175227 sg1 e1334407890285 Uniquely Singapore | At the food courtreserve seats e1334408266305 Uniquely Singapore | At the food courtLittle Girls SHOES ON A TABLE e1334408359848 Uniquely Singapore | At the food court







sometimes we encounter extremely “strange objects” such as a bible or even a shoe . What will they think of next ?

Uniquely Singapore | what are the actions needed ?

If you are alone , then do grab your food first and then look for a seat . Its unfortunate but i guess that the best gentlemanly act that one could possibly do , else don’t compete during lunch peak hours .

If you have a friend , then by all means have someone to “reserve” by occupying the seat . But however , no matter what , please do not bring this strange and uniquely singapore  culture and duplicate it in some other countries ….

Uniquely Singapore | The KIAS

Found this article for sharing

Uniquely Singapore and her many KIAs . All the types of KiAs .

IMG 0009 e1333272121840 Uniquely Singapore | The KIAS


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